Shadow Puppet Edu

  • Shadow Puppet Edu is an application available on iOs which allows you to easily create videos with voiceover or music. It also allows for combination of photos from the device, videos with fair use images from sources from the internet.It is a great tool for students to showcase their learning on a theme while they are being creative. 


    At DES we are using Shadow Puppet Edu at the end of projects where students can show their whole learning journey. 

    Below you can find an example of an activity in one of our STEM projects. 


    Students built their own scribbling robots by using a motor, yoghurt cups and markers. They followed the design process in order to research how they were going to make it, to design it, build it and in the end test and refine it. They recorded and showcased all the steps they took in the shadow puppet edu app and were able to share their videos with their class.