- Programming:Scratch

  • Scratch is a free-to-use programming language tool that allows students to learn how to code in a visually engaging way. Scratch is a great way for teachers to get students into the world of coding and programming as it's a fun-focused programming tool aimed at students as young as eight years old.


    1. Robotics 1ESO with Samuel and José A Ortega and Alfonso Naranjo:


    It is the level at our school where students need more motivation.


    Samuel, IT teacher in the subject of Robotics at 1 ESO with 12-13 year-olds, has helped students programme a short videogame. They love this subject.




    One of the students, Ángel, explains how he managed to make his own videogame!

    In it, once he chose a cat, a blue rectangle and a blue circle, and given them movement, the game starts. If the cat hits the blue rectangle, it will gain points. If the blue circle hits the cat, it will lose lives.


    Another student presents a different videogame he has designed, a vintage version:









    Again, a Robotics class at 1 ºESO with the teacher, José A Ortega.


    The activities students are enjoying are:

    - Programming SCRATCH to make video games.

    Implement a micro bit step counter.

    -Maqueen robot-car programming to solve challenges.


    MAQUEEN is graphic program  robot for STEM education r designed for BBC micro bit. A plug and play chasis which allows children to learn graphic programming in a fast way in order to foster interest in science and logical thinking.

    It is ready-made just to assemble and place wheels and batteries with no welding. It is necessary to activate a BB micro bit plaque to use the robot, with it, other games can be invented. Suitable for children over 8 years old.








    Videogame designed by the teacher Alfonso Naranjo and Marcos (1 ESO)