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    1. 18 Oct Women Writer's Day

    2. 25 N Non Violence Day against Women

    3. St Valentine's Day

    4. Touristic Brochures

    5. Poster Design

    6. Students Presentation KA229 TILT Climate Change

    7. Digital Marketing


                  18 Oct Women Writers' Day

           25 N Non Violence against Women's Day


    Canva is an online design and publishing tool to empower anyone in the world, to design anything and publish anywhere.

    Hereby, a presentation by the group of Commerce and Marketing at Vocational Training, led by Ana Gutiérrez, teacher and Coeducation coordinator.


    • Using Canva, students have designed posters showing live readers of books written by women.


    Other apps in the PPT presentation:

    • Using Padlet, the have elaborated an interactive notice board.
    • Using Unitag.io, they have generated QR codes for interactive shopwidows.
    • Using Gimp, they have edited a Photocall picture on Halloween Day.
    • Using Biteable.com, they have edited animated videos.
    • Google form, to create an evaluation questionnaire.
    • Google maps, to design sales routes.

    A12.1- Learning_Teaching Activities, Spain ANA-1.PPTX






    To promote local commerce in Huelva, a campaign by the Town Hall has taken place.

    Students in the 2nd year at  Window Dressing,  Commerce and Digital Marketing have displayed interactive shop windows to exchange love letters, even using QR codes. They have designed and edited video presentations using Canva. 


    Video (click on link)

    Video (click on link)


    Activity led by teachers Ana Gutiérrez and Carlos Ortiz and disseminated through social network.


                          TOURISTIC BROCHURES


    Cinta Fernández Villegas, English teacher, in an extension elective subject in the second year of Post Compulsory Education (2 Bachillerato).

    Her students have prepared brochures about tourism in Huelva using Canva. After that, they had to make an oral presentation in English.

    Canva design link






                              DESIGNING POSTERS

    To disseminate our A 16, on-site teachers' meetings, some posters have been designed using Canva:

    Ana Gutiérrez gave a master class, and Carmen Ruíz designed them.




                                 KA 229 TILT STUDENTS PRESENTATIONS

    In the last mobility in Huelva, with the Erasmus KA 229: TILT, students prepared presentations about their expeiences during the week from 11-15 April 22. They used Canva and the presentations were shown to their parents and host families.

    They portrayed their best moments, their visits to historical and natural sites.


                   DIGITAL MARKETING


    By using Canva, apart from wordPress, Wocommerce and Googlesearch, students at 2 GVEC in their Digital Marketing Module, have worked activities to define e-commerce policies, on-line selling, logistics, privacy, cookies policy,...