- Cisco Packet Tracer


    Cisco Packet Tracer is a powerful network simulation and visualization tool.

    This virtual lab is an interactive way to practice networking, IoT, and cybersecurity skills - no hardware required!

    ¿Who uses Packet Tracer?
    • Students exploring networking and technology careers
    • Network, IoT and cybersecurity students
    • Engineers, educators and instructors
    • Distance teaching and learning


    Use it to
    • Practice simple and complex networking
    • Visualize how a network works
    • Practice rack, stacking, and cabling skills in the virtual lab
    • Integrate IoT devices, Python code, or network automation
    • Allow students to experiment with network behaviour and solve questions of the type "what would happen if...?"


    In this web page,  they are going to configure an access control list to limit users to access the VTY line for remote access to the equipment (Router, Switch). A very important  issue in the implementation of a small, medium corporate network or large-scale, since the administration of the equipment is of vital importance that it is carried out only by authorized personnel.

                             Image from: steemit.com/spanish/@michelylopez



    Juan Alonso Limón, teacher from the IT Department works these tools with students at VET:

    With Cisco Packet, we can perform a wide variety of network-related functions, such as designing and building a network from scratch, working on pre-built network, such as designing and building a network from scratch, working on pre-built projects (includes a variety of interesting examples): test new network designs and topologies, test network changes before applying them to the topologies, testing network changes before applying them to the network, examining the flow of data through a network, running simulations and through a network, do Internet of things simulations or prepare for network certification exams.