A6: School Coordination Meetings- Spain

  •       Project Teacher's MEETINGS  at IES San Sebastián


    • As it is stated in the Chronogram/ Timeline, every partner agrees to hold regular meetings at their own schools , at least, every other month, to coordinate and implement the activities.


    • Meetings will deal with project management in general or any other issues that might come up. Thus, activities to be carried out will be coordinated and  put into practice, given visibility and informing the Board.


    • The Coordinator takes minutes at every meeting.


    19 Dec 20

           Meeting to discuss about the project weaknessess as stated in the Resolution Document of Evaluation.

    The Sepie's resolution published the provisional lists of admitted and excluded applications for the Key Action 2 - Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness has been published.

    In this list, our project appears with errors and we are urged to present allegations until 12 January 2021.


    29 Jan 21

          The Sepie resolution has been published in which the result of the eligibility and/or quality assessment of the project appears. Our project appears with an evaluation of 69.2, a mark that we consider quite low and for which we assume that the project will most probably be rejected.

    All this is discussed with our European partners and we express our fears.


    18 Mar 21

           A contract must be drawn up with each of the partners, signed by their respective representatives, in which they commit themselves to the project. We do not have any model or any reference on how to do this, so we get in touch with other Spanish schools that have also been selected for an Erasmus Ka226 through a whatsApp group to share financial mangement doubts, solutions, etc.


    12 Apr 21

           A virtual meeting has been held with the Sepie in the morning, to provide information on the process to be followed with regard to different types of Erasmus projects, including ours.

    In our evening meeting, we have dealt with:

    - Date of next partners' virtual meeting.

    - Partners contracts

    - The Covid-19 pandemic and the 1st Transnational Meeting


    25 Apr 21


         At-school meeting to deal with:

    - Partners' contract elaboration

    - Time schedule, activities on Excel and deadlines

    - Transfers justification


    In order to prepare the bank transfers to be required to our partners, we have to discuss about this issue with the person in charge of finances at our school so that he can tell us what justification is needed (account number, holder, tax identification number, etc.).


    10 June 21


        Right at the end of the school year, planning project issues:

    - Sharing email addresses and personal information.

    - Partner signing contracts

    - Covid-19 vaccinations. Requirements

    - Mobility in Huelva, M1

    - Partners bank accounts for grant deposits

    - Vaccinations

    - Initial questionnaire and Logo contest, Webpage.

    - Virtual meeting with partners.





    9 Sept 21

             Meeting to prepare  the videocall to have a second contact with our partners and deal with:

    - Economic endowment to partners.

    - Contract signing end of process

    - eTwinning membership

    - Short mobility in Huelva. Flights, hotel booking, transport.




            Last arrangements on the Whatsapp group:

    - Arrivals, departures

    - Check ups


    21 Sept 21


          Our project We are Ready for Digital World has been approved on e-Twinning. We received an email on 21 Sept 21. Then, Whatsapp group communication:





    23 Sept 21

            Issues dealt with:

    - Formal invitations for partners

    - Schedule for 4-6 October week- 1st Transnational Meeting.

    - Covid-19 passports, airport online filling forms.

    - Documentation to be submitted: 80% transfer receipt

    - Bureaucratic problem in North Macedonia. They received the grant but due to political situation won't be available yet.

    - Mobility Tool


    11 Oct 21

    Meeting held to organise:

    - Suitable time for project teacher's meetings

    - Evaluation of the 1st Transnational Meeting: questionnaire

    - New participants: other teachers at IES San Sebastián willing to belong to our KA226


    21 Oct 21

       We have been through the following issues:

    - Initial questionnaire.

    - Implementation of apps.

    - Display on eTwinning

    - New participants: task assignment.

    - Decission that only 3 teachers join the next mobility in Lithuania- organisation of classes for the rest of the teachers.


    16 Dec 21

             Before the end of 2021, in order to organise:

    - SEPIE, national agency, requirements.

    - Web page

    - Activities to implement. Deadlines

    - Accounting. Excel file

    - Material to be updated on eTwinning

    - The next Transnational Meetings:  in Turkey (16 May 22), in Huelva (June 22)





    After this coordinating school meeting, we will hold a videocall with our partners (see A6).


    • Nevertheless, as Google Drive, Google Meet, a mail account are available, and so is a WhatsApp group, members are constantly in touch an aware of any changes. This means that we have weekly or even daily contact.







                                                        Picture from edynamiclearning.com


                            Picture from teteamodeler.ouest-france.fr



    19 Jan 22


    Project teachers' meeting to deal with:

    1- SEPIE problem solving with respect to how to handle implementation expenses, particularly if hiring an external lecturer/ professional for some training sessions is allowed.


    2- Organise next webinars and workshops with students and teachers at every school.


    3- Organising encounters with other local institutions.

        IES La Marisma, Huelva: domotised watering system

        IES Fuente Juncal, Aljaraque: robotics with Arduíno in Technology classes (project grant)

       University events


    4- Taking the Initial questionnaire as a starting point, rearrange it to get the Final questionnaire ready


    5- Revising the Elegibility/ Evaluation quality of the project in order to sort out weaknesses.:

    • Communication procedures with partners
    • Improving our partners limited use of ICTs
    • Student participation
    • Teacher training and training activities (state contents, objectives, results)
    • EUROPASS certification

    6- Purchasing material: Robots with Arduíno, Merge cubes, 3D Printer

    7- Partner uploading material on eTwinning

    8- Facebook and other social media.

    9- Contest winner prize (as chosen by the winner student)


    Febr 22


    School coordinating meeting. Cinta Villegas, English teacher, followed the meeting online as most of us work an evening shift. She is really keen on applications in her daily practice.

    She prepares a Genial.ly presentation for one of our On-site events for teachers at IES San Sebastián.





    April 23


    - Setting a whatsapp group to deal with the mobility issues to Turkey.

    Suitable flights and means of transport. Arrivals, departures. Accomodation.

    - Annex I, permit for the mobility.

    - Journey insurance, passports, IDs, health issues, Covid passport, ...

    - Travel agency to arrange

    - Mobile phone

    - Cabin case

    - 3 teachers on the mobility instead of 4. One of us will drop due to family issues.




    May 10

    Meeting in preparation for our next mobility in Antalya, Turkey (16-20 May 22)

    - Final travel and accomodation arrangements.

    - Financial issues: cashing the grant cheque, expenses details. Use mobile phone Splid app to keep the accounts, euro exchange to the Tr lira (1 euro- 16,12 Tr lira)

    - Partner distribution of tasks: web page of the project

    - Updating eTwinning

    - Fix next mobilities dates with partners








    21 Sept 22


    Meeting to decide about 2 teachers to travel in the next mobility to North Macedonia, according to the scale.



    29 Sept 22

    Meeting to organise next Erasmus Mobility C3: Digital educational games, mobile apps.

    - Formal invitations to our partners

    - Planning of the activities to carry out during mobility week

    - Dissemination: Roll ups, display of a shop window

    - Budget

    - Newspaper article