1- Apps that dynamize the class

    2- Sharing experiences at mobilities


    APPs that dynamize the class:


    We organize on-site workshops at our school so that the rest of teachers get familiar with the applications and tools.

     Furthermore, we share  this material with our partners to present the tools to be implemented:


              - Google Keep, to make a list of teachers and their presentations:




                     APPs dynamizing your Classroom I

    1. Canva master class by Ana Gutiérez

    2. Socrative by Carmen Ruíz

    3. Mentimeter by Ana Gutiérrez


                    APPs dynamizing your Classroom II

    4. Flipgrid by Carmen F Nevado

    5. Cybersecurity by Olga López


                   APPs dynamizing your Classroom III

    6. Genially by Cinta Villegas




                     APPs dynamizing your Classroom I


    1. Canvas master class by Ana Gutiérrez (on the right of the pics):




    Carmen Ruiz (on the left of the pics) is in charge of designing the posters. There will be presentations about apps for the school teachers.




    2. Teacher: Carmen Ruíz, FLO teacher

         Workshop: Socrative

    Carmen presents how she uses Socrative in her classess, mainly for exams. There is a great variety of questions. Exams can even be printed.




    3. Teacher: Ana Gutiérrez, Commerce & Marketing teacher

         Workshop: Mentimeter

    A great tool to get feedback. Mentimeter enables you to: engage with students using live polls, word clouds, quizzes, multiple-choice questions and more. Track learning and understanding by asking questions and downloading results. Communicate and interact with your students.




              APPs dynamizing your Classroom II


    4. Teacher: Olga López, IT teacher

         Workshop: Cybersecurity



    Faced with the current delicate situation of increasing cyber-attacks and cybercrime, we must ALL work together to strengthen cybersecurity in all public organisations.

     Olga López, IT teacher, has prepared a ppt presentation (above)with the following RECOMMENDATIONS:

    • Change the passwords of user accounts, using new ones with higher complexity.
    • You can check if what you use is safe:
    • Switch off computer equipment at the end of the
      at the end of the day if it is not going to be used.
    • Pay particular attention to suspicious messages by any means.
    • Do not click on links from unreliable sources.
    • Do not install dubious or non-corporate applications on computers or mobile phones.
    • In the event of clearly malicious behaviour on the computer (inability to access files, messages on the screen...), it is advisable to disconnect it
      access to files, messages on the screen, etc.), it is advisable to disconnect it from the network and notify the IT department and/or the
      the network and notify the IT department and/or ICT security unit.
    • Uninstal programmes that we are not using.
    • Update Windows and use the programme Windows Defender
    • Scan our USB with Windows Defender
    • Use AntiBotnet service. A botnet or zombie network is a collection of devices remotely controlled by a cybercriminal.
    • Mobile phone security-Avoiding the Wi-Fi trap.
    • Activate security copies.
    • Do not connect to unknown wifi.
    • Update our applications and operating system.
    • Examples of Spam and Malware.
    • Do not open unknown emails or attachments.
    • Phishing
    • Unethical applications targeting iPhone/Android mobile users that seek to overcharge users through high subscriptions or internal purchases
      users through high subscriptions or internal purchases (horoscopes, image editors,...)- see most of these dangerous apps in the doc.



    5. Teacher: Carmen F Nevado, English teacher

         Workshop: Flipgrid


    Flipgrid workshop KA226 and KA122.pptx


    A Microsoft app to upload videos and empower students voice, using a PC or mobile phone. 

    It can be used at any level to work compentences in Science or Humanistic subjects, to work Soft Skills like empathy, leadership, management; and even non-verbal language. Videos can be public or private. Students can give likes, add stickers or comments. Teachers can add rubrics. They can be shared with students or teachers all over the world.

    In this session, Carmen F Nevado is presenting Flipgrid in her English classes. Students upload videos in relation to communicative situations like, telephone conversations, customer complaints, elevator pitch.



       APPs dynamizing your Classroom III


    6. Teacher: Cinta F Villegas

        Workshop: Genially


    7. Teacher: Domingo Mora

         Workshop: Ankidroid


    8. Teacher: Carlos Mingorance

         Workshop: Edpuzzle


    9. Teacher: Antonio Vázquez

         Workshop: ...


    10. Teacher: Alejandro Vázquez

          Workshop: Merge Cube


    11. Teacher:



      Sharing experiences at mobilities


    After our mobility in Turkey, Carmen F Nevado, English teacher prepared a presentation using Google Photo Album, to share the experience with the rest of the teachers at IES san Sebastián.

    Álbum de fotos(1).pptx