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    17 November 2020


    GROUPS OF STUDENTS at Vocational Studies:

            2ASIR, 2GA, 2GVEC, 1ASIR,1SMR,2DAW, DAWSEMI


    Workshop funded by the Instituto Andaluz de la Juventud de la Junta de Andalucía (Andalusian Youth Institute of the Andalusian Regional Government) which is carried out online through the ZOOM Tool, taught by a university lecturer who is an expert in communication and marketing. She will teach students how to use LinkedIn for entrepreneurship and self-employment. Showing them its potential to promote future business initiatives.

    The aim is for students to make proper use of this tool and to be able to use it in a more professional way.

    It is aimed at vocational training students aged between 16 and 35.

    Installation of Zoom for web: https://zoom.us/

    Depending on the type of mobile phone:

    1. APP Store: IOS
    2. Google Play: Android




    16 December 2021

    Presentation organised by:

    • AJE de Andalucía (non profit association for young entrepreneurs)
    • Erasmus groups KA101 on entrepreneurship.

    It was a workshop to teach students the potential of LinkedIn Tool to lauch professional initiatives, fostering the efficient use of the new technologies applied to the world of work.


    Participating students:

    • 1º ASIR: network computer systems management (Administración de Sistemas Informáticos en Red).
    • 2º AFI: Business Administration and Finance (Administración y Finanzas).



    They dealt with

    • Personal Brand Care: if you are not in the networks, you do not exist in the job market, but careful with what you post!
    • LinkedIn as a professional tool to find a job. How to change the URL name. The importance of key words so that searchers find a suitable job. Interests. Being active in a sensible way.



    In this activity, students appear blindfolded, the activity consists in thinking how the see themselves working in 5 years time!


    The activity was uploaded to linkedin.com/ AJE Andalucia


    and also to our IES San Sebastián webpage KA 101