A7: Coordinating Meetings- All partners


    Coordinators' meetings


    28 June 21

    After our regular meeting with the participants in Huelva, we held a GoogleMeet meeting with our partners to deal with:

    - 1st Transnational Meeting date

    - Initial questionnaire

    - Dissemination

    - eTwinning

    - Time Schedule

    - Risks




    10 Sept 21

    Videocall to catch up!




    2 October 21

    Before the Mobility in Huelva:

    We made sure our partners' journey and accommodation was organized, transport information clear.




    21 Dec 21     


      Videocall with our partners to consolidate and close the year 2021.

    - Implementation of activities. Timing. Schedule.

    - Uploading material to eTwinning and Webpage

    - Dissemination: press, newspapers, social network, billboards...

    - Teachers meetings at every school

    - Excel file for keeping accounts

    - Next mobility dates







    3 Febr 22

    Domingo Mora, Coordinator and Carmen F NevadoCinta F Villegas, English teachers, hold a videocall with Lulzime, from North Macedonia to talk about some orgaization and financial issues regarding their failed mobility to Lithuania.




    - Due to Administrative issues, there were local elections and our partners couldn't dispose of the grant money till the new authorities take office, it wasn't possible to travel. The school has no funds to spend.

    To sort out the problem, they can either take 8 teachers, instead of 4, on their next mobility or return the money.


    • Nevertheless, as Google Drive, Google Meet, a mail account are available, and so is a WhatsApp group, members are constantly in touch an aware of any changes. This means that we have weekly or even daily contact.











    • Meetings will deal with project management in general or any other issues that might come up. Thus, activities to be carried out will be coordinated and  put into practice, given visibility and informing the Board.


    • The Coordinator takes minutes at every meeting.