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  • At IES San Sebastián, we have been working with Moodle for 12 years now. During the Covid-19 Pandemic, we had to adapt to the new situation and research new ways to teach, new methods and approaches. These, have come to stay.

    1. ENGLISH
    3. FRENCH



    We were already familiar with Secondary Education and the First and Second Years of Post Compulsory Secondary Education for adults (1 and 2 Bachillerato). Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we had to reorganise our contents and teaching practices so that students could work from home. It was the turn for Vocational Training.

    A wide range of activities are displayed to work the 4 Skills of Language (5 RA, Learning Outcomes). Students are provided with audio files, questionnaires for vocabulary and grammar, dictations, listening comprehensions, videos, songs, grammar games, etc.

    • Dictations:

    From the webpage, https://www.learnenglish.de/dictation/idictationceo.html, a dictation with a slow audio file and a fast one are shown. Students make several attempst, check their results and get assessment on their Moodle qualifications book.

    With this Moodle aplication of the type H5P, you can also record your own audio file an so, adapt dictations to different level.



    • Questionnaires for tests and exams:

    Zero Carbon Track- avoiding the excessive use of paper and photocopies.



    They really like taking online tests. They provide a great variety of questions and it takes little time to correct, the teacher just revises and corrects text questions. Qualifications will appear in their qualification book.


    Students seem to enjoy this type of activity which is unusual to them. They get involved in the activities/ questions and eventually get their qualification before leaving the room!


    • Interactive Videos. Here is one to work inequality of sexes at the workplace:

    This is a video taken from the web, a film called Purl. But on Moodle you can make your own versions!


    • Songs and lyrics. Non Violence against Women's Day:


    A file with a worksheet on the lyrics is also provided to work on the song: meaning, values, vocabulary, grammar,etc. Even an activity using H5P:



    Moodle offers the possibility of using gamification. There is an activity called Quizzventure which uses questions from questionnaires to play a game.


    Get set, ready, shoot!:




    • Glossary

    This is also a team activity. Students have to make 5 entries, one adjective, one verb, one adverb, one noun, one preposition.

    Also, give a translation into English and also an example in French containing that word.

    The teacher makes his/her own entry first to use as a model. Then, there will be a glossary with vocabulary from the 1 term, for example.



    • There is also a meeting lounge available. Department meetings, counselling sessions, evaluation sessions, all-school teachers meetings are held by means of this tool.






    • Evaluating 1 GAOP first term results



    • Lupe de Toro, a member of the School Council during a meeting after the corresponding Teachers meeting:


  • I wonder what else you can do on Moodle platform...