Petal flowers

  • There are tutorials from Italian students of grade 9 how to construct petal flowers and how to create a tool for these wonderful models of flowers.

    There are also applets that students who don't know anything about this way of construction petals  can explore with fun!

    GeoGebra applet based on polar coordinates created by Brian Sterr: LINK

    There are some questions that students- though not knowing anything about this- can explore, e.g 

    • the influence of r concerning the flowers
    • the influence if b is an odd, even number
    • relation between be and number of petals


    Norma Lisa Neiman -IT


    Vlad / Gaudeamus High School/ Moldova

  • Comments, questions, link to results, ..

    Wow, Italian students!

    It was great


    Some students will try to construct a petal flower as additional homework. Norma Lisa, please can you add a file with the tool ready to use as zip-file here? Thanks!

    Nice picture!

    We tried it out and made it without commands. We made a video and upload it soon. Please ask us if you want the ggb file!
    Nevio and Luca

    Cristian's zipped file ggb double four petal flower

    Click on the empty space up here and you can download the zipped ggb file


    Flower inspired by the film of colleagues from Italy.
    Thank you for sharing!
    We used 3 points on 2 mobile circles.

    Petal flowers

    Petal flowers is a very interesting technique, but also very difficult to make. Looks nice. Rada (Cro)


    This technique is very interesting but not easy either, and requires a lot of effort. I enjoyed making the flower with this technique. Nikolina Ivaštinović(CRO)

    Mariela/ Gaudeamus High School/Moldova

    I also created Flower with Petals

    Wonderful ideas!

    Thank you, dear colleagues for the presentations! Ludmila/ Moldova

    Nicoglu Sabina, Republic of Moldova

    Very beautiful! You all did a great job!

    Zlata/ Gaudeamus High School/ Moldova

    I share the flower I created

    Turcan Eugeniu IPLT Gaudeamus

    It was very cool!