LOGO contest - preparation


    After nearly a half-term work in this project we should start the competition for the best project logo!


    Where to put the logo?

    - Please put first all logos in MATERIALS -> your country folder. The more you upload the better! :-)

    - Put then (after the deadline of thecompetition) the three best logos in the the folder called "Logos for this project".


    Deadline of this competition?

    Deadline: 23th january 2021 new deadline!


    Rules for creating the logo

    - Create logos and upload them to Twinspace to PROJECT LOGO folder. The more you upload the better! :-)

    - The logos should be in jpeg or png format (square or rectangle) 

    - The logo should look nice and be a real symbol of the project and its work

    ​-  It can be drawn by hand or Gimp or .... GeoGebra

    - Write your name and country in the name of the logo-file.

    ​​- Students and teachers may participate.

    ​- If there are more than 3 logos of each school please decide which three of your logos should participate for the international vote.

    - As we are5 schools we can have 15 logos.  If a school does not send enough  logos, more can be accepted from another school.