Preparing final evaluation

  • At the twinboard we are preparing the students' evaluation for this project. 
    Please post your question for this evaluation and possible answers. We will collect all proposal and draft an evaluation form for all of you! OK?

    Don't forget to tell your name and country! Deadline 25th january.

  • Questions for evaluation and feedback for the project.

    Feedback for the project

    I think the project "Fun with GeoGebra" is an really nice project. We all did a lot of work. We created flowers, minimal art, christmas cards and so much more. I thing the project is a success.
    Sophie, Germany

    What did you like about the project?

    1: Contact with others
    2: Fun with geogebra
    3: Other

    What could we do better in a next / following project?

    (It is a free answer to this question) GER

    Question: How easy was it for you to create things in GeoGebra?

    a) very easy, no problems
    b) easy, just some little problems sometimes
    c) easy, eccept animations
    d) there were many problems

    Sascha, GER

    Question for the final evaluation

    by Sophie (GER)

    What was the best project in your opinion?

    1. flowers 2. Stars 3. puzzles 4. animations (GER) 5. Christmas cards (Question from GER)

    Did you learn to use the etwinning space?

    1. very good
    2. good enough
    3. not at all
    (4. I knew from previous projects)


    Question for the final evaluation

    1. What did you find new by participating in this project?
    2. Which task did you like the most?
    3. Will you participate in other projects like this?
    (Ludmila, MDL)

    Question for the final evalutation

    Do you want to participate in a similar project next year?
    How would you rate communication in the project?