Flower tool boxes- results

  • Flower toolbox (GER) - students grade 8

    We have created a toolbox for different flower design.We collected different ideas and form, that can be dynamically constructed and then used to create tools which "mysteriously"generate flowers only by using two or three basic points that determine the size of the generated flower. 

    Here is the file with all tools. You can try it out and add new tools. We habe put all around our work with glowere tools into one GeoGebra Book including some words about methodology and the worksheet.  

    I have copied the picture (without points) for younger students of grade 5, when I had had a lesson to replace a teacher. Students liked to use PAINT to colour the picture. Other students took a picture in GeoGebra and "planted" some flowers and coloured then withGeoGebra or in PAINT. They used the tool collection to create art work!



    Flower toolbox (IT) - students grade 9
    A  collection of all Italian Students' flower tool outcomes in a GeoGebra book. Since the students of Germany had a very nice idea to make a toolbox, inside our book we enclosed an Italian toolbox too. You gave us such an inspiration, thank you!

    2. This is the collection of tools in a single file (IT). Click to test it!

    3. This is the first collection of tools in a single file (RO). Click to image for testing it!


  • Did you try out the toolbox? Do you like it?

    Italian Students are trying it out.

    Now I have only one done, but the Italian students are going to test the toolbox next week.
    By the way, a great toolbox!

    Trying flower tool box (GER) from Italian students
    Flower comment (Robert CRO.)

    Hello, Your work is so amazing and pretty it seams easy but I know it"s not. Great work it"s so amazing.


    Good morning!
    This flowers are amazing. I love it! All of collections Italian Students' flower tool are really cool. All of this works are amazing!!
    Sara Blažeković (CRO)

    Document from Italy

    How to use the German toolbox!

    Thank you ...

    to Robert and Italy for your compliments!
    The German team

    Team MD

    And we, the Moldovan team, are trying. Is very beautiful!

    Italian students,

    well done! Congratulations! Tino, GER

    German toolbox ..

    did you see it? Did you try some out? My students have put all tools in one file to make it easier! Monika

    Panico Călin -Ionuț Gaudeamus High-School

    It was really enjoyable to work with it!

    Nistrean Ariana, ,,Gaudeamus"High-School,Republic of Moldova