Tools for pics & videos

  • 1. Free pictures

    Please take your own photos or use free pictures e.g. on Pixabay website. If you use other pictures from the internet pay attention to add the URL of the website.

    2. Remove background

    Sometimes you need pics without any background (colour). if you cut out a pic coloured with paint or in geogebra the background is white. it has to be transparent to put it into another picture. You can easily remove the white background online e.g. using the tool on remove background. Another tool is here.


    3. Screenrecorder

    Screencast -o-matic is a free recorder, simple and easy working. The time for a video is limited to 15 min.

    4. FlipaClip

    My daughter found this app on playstore called FlipaClip. It's fun and we can create geometrical flowers and animations


    5. Loom

    Record and share video messages of your screen.


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