Flowers created with ellipses

  • A student from Moldova explains in a video how to construct a flowers based on elliptic forms.


    Dear students, do you like the videos? Did you try it out? Can you suggest new ideas or additions to the elliptic flowers? Please answer on the twinboard!


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    Hi Flad, nice construction with ellipses. I have animated your construction. Do you like it? do you know how to animate? If not I send you a video! Bye, Bye Mathis , GER

    link to the animated flower

    This is the link to the animated flower.

    Flower made by Bogdana

    Gaudeamus High school/Moldova

    Flower made by Eugeniu Țurcan

    Gaudeamus High-School/Moldova

    Flower made by Andreea

    Gaudeamus High School/Moldova


    Flower with ellipse

    Very nice flower, Vlad!


    Flover by Lucija

    This is link to the flower . (Cro)


    I like the work. It is very difficult to work with ellipses
    I really like the work of Bogdana from Moldova

    Very nice flower, Andreea!

    It's really beautiful and i like it.
    Josip (CRO)

    Arina Buștiuc, Gaudeamus High School, Moldova
    Ariana, Gaudeamus High School, Moldova
    Arina, Gaudeamus High school, Moldova
    Maria Ro

    Ellipse flower

    Isabela - RO

    Ellipse flower

    Matei - RO
    Adelina RO
    Panico Călin -Ionuț Gaudeamus High-School