Tool challenge - results

  • All flowers that are constructed with a self-made tool can be seen  our GeoGebra common GeoGebra space.

    Can we participate with more than 3 tools for flowers? from each school?(RO)

    No. Picture                                

     name and country

    (In bold: tool used)

    1 Tino, GER

    Marta, RO

    Tool Marta

    3 Jeldrik 1, GER
    4 Jeldrik 2, GER

    Isabela, RO

    Tool Isabela



    Matei, RO

    Tool Matei


    Mara, RO

    Tool Mara

    8 Cristian M. (IT)
    9 Alessandro (IT)












    Cristian S. (IT)

    Martina S. (CRO)



    Rada (CRO)



    Anamarija (CRO)


    14 Amelie, GER
    15 Sophie, GER
    16 Damiano (IT)
    17   Sofia (MDL)   
    18 Sabina (MDL)
    19 Mirela (MDL)
    20 Vlad(MDL)


  • Comments: which work do you like most?

    Marius Recean

    I really liked this challenge,there are so many beautiful flowers!! The flower nr 15 from Germany is really cool

    Panico Călin -Ionuț Gaudeamus High-School

    I ve liked the task and i like the flower made my Amelie and Sophie

    Duca Zlata-,,Gaudeamus" high-school, Republic of Moldova

    I really liked the work by Vlad(MDL)
    It is very colorful and beautiful!

    Patrick (MD)

    I enjoyed this callenge and I'm looking forward for more!

    Turcan Eugeniu IPLT Gaudeamus

    I like the one that was made by Mara, Vlad ,Amelie.

    Buștiuc Arina, ,,Gaudeamus" high-school, Republic of Moldova

    I liked very much the work made by Bargan Vlad (MD), it is very colorful and attractive, but all flowers are beautiful and nice!

    Nistrean Ariana, ,,Gaudeamus"High-School,Republic of Moldova

    I ked this task very much!Vlad(Mdl)has a very beautiful flower