Teachers' expectations

  • Dear teachers,
    what do you expect from this project?

    CRO      GER      IT      MD     PT      RO


    I hope that students will be inspired by work of other students and are also motivated to communicate, help others by turning videos or talk about ... and improve language skills.
    Me as a teacher I like to share ideas with all partners in the project that will enrich my lessons. I am glad to get to know the teachers from Portugal and Moldova and continue working with the other partners. (Monika, GER)


    I hope that the students through collaboration will make beautiful works, so as to enrich their digital, linguistic, collaboration skills.
    I am glad to meet teachers from Germany, Italy, Croatia, Portugal and to continue working with my colleague from Romania - Mrs. Mihaela. (Ludmila, MD)


    We participate in etwinning projects to learn and share new, motivating ideas through collaboration. Through the activities we will carry out, we want to increase students' creativity, critical thinking and develop their scientific and communication skills in English and use of IT. I am happy to collaborate with partners from previous projects and meet new ones. (Mihaela, RO)


    I expect that through this project we will develop digital competencies, mathematical knowledge, creativity and of course learn a lot about GeoGebra. I look forward to the work of my students through which they will show their imagination, creativity but also develop self-confidence. In these unusual conditions, I am glad to work with students from other countries. I look forward to working with you and sharing experiences and ideas. (Anonela, CRO)


    Through mutual experiences and collaboration, I hope that students and teachers learn by doing. The international environment should help us develop best practices, sharing ideas, and methods. Students will have the opportunity to meet their peers through the TS and communicate in English (Norma Lisa IT)