Crop circles

  • Project : Constructing models of crop circles (GER)

    We also will upload all files to our common GeoGebra space in a book called "crop circles". feel free to add work of your students. 


    Crop Circles RO



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    you can add more crop circles to our GeoGebra space to the book "crop circles". Which crop circle from the German team do you like most?

    Great Idea (IT)

    Very nice idea!
    Norma Lisa

    Great idea (Cro)

    Great motivation for students.

    Congratulations for your works!

    Romanian Team

    Buștiuc Arina, ,,Gaudeamus" high-school, Republic of Moldova

    I like this work very much, because we changed experinces and did beautiful works!

    crop circles in the snow (in Germay)

    This photo was in our local newspaper. it had been taken in a landscape nearby berlin last weekend when we had lots of snow.

    Duca Zlata-,,Gaudeamus" high-school, Republic of Moldova

    The reality and the drawing in geogebra are both beautiful!

    Turcan Eugeniu IPLT Gaudeamus

    It is a really cool thing