Flower tools - the task for all

  • Task: Flower tool collection (GER)

    We are going to create a tool collection in our group. each student creates a tool and at the end we will put all tools in one GeoGebra file.

    Here is a worksheet of  with different options to create nice tools. If you like built some of them, ask students how to do it or create own tools! 


    Look at the different toolboxes from Germany, Italy and Romania at this page!

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    Question to all teachers and students

    should we create a common tool box? Please put all files with tools as ZIP-File under documents! dear colleagues, please collect interesting tools and upload it! Thanks! Monika

    Tutorial made by Mirela

    Gaudeamus High School/Moldova

    Sunflower made by Mirela

    Gaudeamus High School/Moldova

    Tool box

    I find these examples every nice and creativ to imitate them. GER Student

    Buștiuc Arina, ,,Gaudeamus" high-school, Republic of Moldova

    Flower tools is a very amazing task, also it is very useful activity for us!

    Panico Călin -Ionuț Gaudeamus High-School

    The task was really difficult but interesting.