Chronology of the project

  • As all itims are under pages und mostly odered (early one on top, latest at the end of the menu) we did not add the links.

    1. Chosing partners (GER)
    2. Drafting common project plan 
    3. Presenting school and countries
    4. Students' presentations
    5. Start with GeoGebra
    6. Projects and other common activities

    • Flowers
    • Animations
    • Pre-christmas time:  adventscalender, christmas wishes, stars
    • Calender 2021
    • Real life object
    • Logo contest

    7. Summary of activities in the project e.g. 

    • common videoconferences 
    • student evaluation
    • teacher comments/evaluation 

    8. Guestbook and dissimination activities

    9. Good-bye