Flowers from GeoGebra site

  • Here we add links to wonderful activities which create flowers that were created by others (teachers, students, mathematicians, ...)  and published on the GeoGebra website or are tutorials on youtube.

    We have added some small task to explore a bit what's behind the (hidden) construction.

    Applet 1: Clook at the applet and move the points. What happens? Can you construct it yourself? 

    Video on YouTube: Work in peers! Watch the video! Take one computer for watching and the computer next to this for construction.  watch one step, construct , watch the next step, construct, ....)

    Applet 2: You may not understand the math behind it. But you can discover if there is a relation between a, the angle and the number of petals. You can also copy a nice result and colour it. 

    Applet 3: There are a lot of things to try out and play with. 


    Applet 4Explore the applet. Which is the meaning of n and m?Choose n=4 and m=6 without any animation. try to construct this polygon flower! chose also n=8 and M=3 and construct.

    Have fun!

  • Did you try out ? Load results as pics on the twinboard!

    GER has worked with the tutorial

    My students will tell you how it worked! Monika


    Yes, I did. Thanks, it is very well organized!

    Panico Călin -Ionuț Gaudeamus High-School

    It was really well organized!

    Great Applets

    Thank you
    Norma Lisa