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    this is our team of 18 students. 

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  • Our Team!


    hello, I am Monika Schwarze. I teach in a course called "discoveries using a computer". In this course we teach Geogebra, Sketchup and Scratch. I like to use GeoGebra as it is easy and such a powerful tool that allows so much creativity!

    I am Amelie (13)

    I like horse riding und Tennis. I from the Pgu in Unna. My favourit colour is red.

    I am Luca M.

    I like to play volleyball, flute and guitar. I am a student from the PGU in Unna and I am 12 years old.

    Hi am Evan

    I like to play computer games with my fiends

    That's me!

    My Name is Jan. I'm student from the PGU in Unna. I play soccer and my favourite colour is blue. My favourite school subject is P.E. and I'm happy to be here! I'm 13 y.o.

    This is me

    Hello, my name is Luca B. and I am a 8th grade student at the Pestalozzi-Gymnasium Unna. I love to play handball and I am in the volunteer fire department. I also love Formula 1. In my spare time, I like to play on my computer.

    I´m Niklas K.

    My name is Niklas.
    I´m a student from the PGU in Unna. I´m 13 y. o. and i play Tennis and I ride mtb. And also I play video.
    My favoriete subject in school is Sports and English.
    Sometimes I cut some videos.

    I am Sascha

    I am a student from the PGU and 13 years old. I like the Math, Cemistry and German lessons. I go swimming and I play the saxofon. I love reading fantasy books, too!

    Its me!

    My name is Sophie and I'm 13 y.o. I am a student from the PGU Unna. I am an equestrian and I love to spend time at the stable. I also like to spend time with my friends.

    Hi I'm Andriy

    I am 13 years old and i'm student at the PGU. I like to play football and computer games. My favourite colour is green. My favourite subjects are sports and math

    I am Mathis

    I am student at the PGU, and I like the subject discoveries using a compute. In my free-Time I do Judo, on distance.But I hope, that we will have normal shool and normal free-time activities soon.