Animated real life objects

  • Students like to animate things that move in real life and simulate it with GeoGebra. 

    Here is a first tutorial how it works. 

    As the German students have to do it in a task for a sort of classtest that they do at home I have collected their ideas. We suggest ideas and hope that other students like to simulate it.

    For you work you need graphics without any background. You can remove the background online e.g. by using this website.


    idea for simulation/animation mathematical background country/student
    flying carpet functions e.g. sinus, linear  
    windmill transformation: rotation Silas, GER
    Jamie, GER
    fish in the sea graphs, functions like sinus  
    ferris wheel transformation. rotation, rotational symmetry, angles GER
    cycling on route linear function Matei, RO
    cable car linear functions  
    Bee in flowers square function Ina, RO
    person walking on a railway towards the visitor vector, dilation IT
    railway gate angles, transsformation: rotation  
    movement of a car vectors Vlad, MD
    Farewell! vector Zlata, MD
    movement of a plane  vectors Sophie, GER
    Ladybug on egg ellipse Maria, Ro
    The eagle in adventures parable Mihaela, MD
    The beauty of butterflies circle Arina, MD
    Swallow in action! vectors Ariana, MD
    Traffic safety! vectors Eugeniu, MD
    The flight of the plane vectors Mirela, MD
    cable car vectors Andreea-MD
    plane vectors Bogdana- MD


    Work from German students are just collectd in a GeoGebra book, work from all other partners will be added or can be seen by clicking on the link in the table above. 


    Work from Italian students on Animation in GeoGebra Book