String Art

  • Stringart can we wonderful when using silders and programming with sequenzes and lists. 

    Here is a documentation and some pictures to get ideas how to create nice string art. 

    Have a look at some examples from German students.

  • Comments!

    Nice work!

    I like the stringart on this page!

    Very nice!

    Very well done! Wonderful! (MD)

    Buștiuc Arina, ,,Gaudeamus" high-school, Republic of Moldova

    It was an interesting task, all the students did a great work! Well done!

    Turcan Eugeniu IPLT Gaudeamus

    It was a lil bit hard but i did it!

    Duca Zlata-,,Gaudeamus" high-school, Republic of Moldova

    Difficult, but the result is awesome!