Digital tools in our TS



    Use of digital tools (end of the project):
    We have used  a lot of technoloy and digital tools. See the link as "proof" (one example of many ones)

    Proposals for use of digital tools (beginning of the project): 
    Here we commonly collect digital tools (Web 2.0 Anwendungen) which can be useful for our TS.


     tool + URL useful for ...
    Mentimeter Umfragen, kurze Meinungsäußerungen
    Linoit Virtuelle pinboard
    Prezi presentations, can be embedded in the TS
    Answergarden short answers (poll)
    Slidley slideshow
    Canva creating posters online info graphics
    Dotstorming vitual pinboard, chat option, poll
    Avatarmaker zum Erstellen von Avataren


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    Word cloud

    Who likes to create a word cloud which reflects participants, planned topics, ... of our project.

    I also suggest this tool for making posters, presentations, infographics, interactive images. There are plenty of features in the free version.
    Antonela (CRO)


    We can make Wordcloud with the main concepts and participants. Please suggestions on cloud shape. Maybe a geogebra logo.

    Word cloud

    I have creat a word cloud with words which have to do with GeoGebra