Getting familiar with GeoGebra

  • A gallery of first steps for students who work with geogebra for the first time! Here we collect workshetas, tutorials, didactic material useful for students and teachers as well!

    1. Drawing and saving a flower in GeoGebra - Jean Monnet High School

    2. Drawing a flower - Jean Monnet High School

    2. How to create tools? Mathis from GER has turned a video to explain it.


    3. GeoGebra for the first time in the classroom - some infromation for teachers and first tasks - worksheet PGU Unna (GER)

    4. Adding an activity in GeoGebra ebook (RO)

    5. How to draw a rectangle? (RO A.M.E)

    6. Flower created with ellipses - Gaudeamus High School/ Moldova