Flowers with Bezier tool

  •  It is like drawing wonderful curves with GeoGebra.  

    Project 1: How to use the Bezier tool? (GER)

    Here is a tuorial! To see it full screen click on this LINK.

    Project 2: What's behind the Bezier curves? (???)

    We hope to find a school who like to explains the geometry that is behind these curves bases on 4 points (as a tool).

    if there is no time. have a look at this website!

    Project 3: "Bezier" flowers (GER)

    We used the Bezier tool to create flowers that look really realistic. With four points a curve is created and can be adapted to the curves of the flower. We used mostly vector graphics. For each flower the tool has to be used several times, 20 - 40 times depending on the number of curves.

    We uploaded some creations to the GeoGebra Space and collected it in a book. Other countries can add it to the book. GO HERE!

    Here you can see a creation in 3 steps. steps 1 means to drwas the lines on the picture that is imported to GeoGebra. Step 2 means to hide or delete the picture and hide the points. In steps 3 flowers were coloured. 


    These floowing creation is from Sophie. 1) from pixabay, 2) in GeoGebra, 3) coloured with PAINT.


  • About Bezier tool: Did you try it out? Did you like it?

    Bezier Flower




    Flower with Bezier tool

    Vlad, J.M H.School

    Bezier flower

    Isabela, RO



    Bezier flower

    Matei, RO

    Comments: WANTED!

    Answer the question: did you like this toll. Did you use it?

    Mariela, Gaudeamus High School. Moldova



    I really like all flowers, they‘re really colorful. Did you like the project?

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