Flowers using simple commands

  • Project 1: Flowers constructed with simple commands (GER)

    • If you like you can colour your creation with e.g. PAINT and add your pics to a photo (have a look at the page tools).


    Simple flowers made whit GeoGebra (Cro)

    Our book with colored works:

    RO creating tool for the Ge- flower propose 


    Italy -Flowers using simple commands

    Flowers and Polygons

    Moldova- Flower using simple commands

  • Comments, questions, new ideas, ...

    Flowers constructed with simple commands

    Hey everyone,
    I want you to show my flower with simple commands.


    everyone did some great flowers. They're very colorful and beautiful.
    GER student

    Flowers with simple commands

    That is a cool trick to make Flowers.
    GER Student

    It is gorgeous

    Thank you for showing us your flower. It is gorgeous. You forgot to present yourself!
    Norma Lisa Neiman


    That’s cool and I like it. The flower book is beautifully done


    Jasmin (CRO)

    I really like the work done by Maldova is very beautiful

    Beautiful flowers, interesting models

    Congratulations everyone!
    Mihaela Git

    Patrick (MD)

    I loved making these flowers together with you and I had a wonderful experience

    Turcan Eugeniu IPLT Gaudeamus

    It was easy and interesting and it was a great experience

    Duca Zlata-,,Gaudeamus" high-school, Republic of Moldova

    All the flowers were beautiful and well-made!

    Marius Recean

    we can make flowers with simple commands,it is so easy and the flowers are beautiful

    Nistrean Ariana, ,,Gaudeamus"High-School,Republic of Moldova

    Wonderful experience,I liked it very much,thanks!It was hard too but it was nice!

    Panico Călin -Ionuț Gaudeamus High-School

    I like the flowers proposed by Italy and Moldova

    Buștiuc Arina, ,,Gaudeamus" high-school, Republic of Moldova

    Thank you, for the opportunity to make these wonderful and beautiful flowers, that they taught us to develop our digital skills.

    Nicoglu Sabina, Republic of Moldova

    I think it wasn`t that difficult, but it was interesting.