Tool challenge

  • Here we show projects that use tools (e.g. from other students) for their flower creations and as well as projects with tools that are created by the students themselves.

    If you are not familiar with creating tools you may have a look at the tutorial from Mathis (GER).

    project 1: Challenge for all partners!

    Each flower is based on a simple tool. 

    Create a tool for each flower and construct a similar flower. 

    Hint: Use a regular polygon and/or rotations.

     Have fun!

    The tools shoud be uploaded as a picture into the folder "tool challenge" and uploaded to the GeoGebra space (announcd to teachers asap).  


  • Comments, ...


    I tried this out with students last year during corona time when school was closed. I organised it as a competition among students. The first two students who have sent a file including tools and similar flowers (not the same one) have got a pizza voucher.
    I will try in in my group this year, too. (Monika, GER)

    Students' voting

    What about this idea?
    Maybe some of us will do it in their country and we will expose the two best ones of each country and students vote for the best one?
    Please let me know if you like to do it/have time to do it? We can commonly choose the period for voting.

    Students' voting

    I think it is a good idea to let the students' vote. I think we could upload four or five of the best ones. I saw the page "tool challenge results". There are all beautiful and it is a pity to take some away.!