"From Latin text to European context" : What our project is about

  • "From Latin text to European context"

    an eTwinning and Erasmus+ project, carried out by students and teachers from "Liceo XXV aprile"  from Portogruaro / Italy and "Neues Gymnasium Wilhelmshaven" from Wilhelmshaven / Germany: 

    Participation in an international learning community of young people itself is an important part of Europe’s cultural heritage. With the foundation of the first universities – starting in Bologna in 1088 – learners, using Latin as lingua franca, got the chance to study all over Europe, to become acquainted with new theses and, discussing them with each other, to develop innovative new thoughts.

    The project „From Latin text to European context” wants to pick up this idea, regarding both content and method. The central idea is “learning from the past – exchanging in the present – preparing for the future” and means that our students will work on medieval and renaissance documents to explore their common cultural base and to discuss its significance for challenges which Europe faces today, and that they, at the same time, will improve their digital and communicative (English) skills.

    In our project we used the method „WebQuest“.

    We worked in modules (“Man and creation: part 1 / part 2”, “Being young in Europe”, "Music”), each of them with several units and use the ressources of the internet in order to make the work on the Latin texts more cross-curricular, accessible and interesting.