Chapter XVII: On Mount Olympus

  • After Silvia has composed herself again, Duff and she go to Mount Olympus to tell the good gods that there isn’t a menace anymore.

    They stop because of the breathtaking view. They have expected many clouds and an angel choir or something like that. But they see a mix of all the big cities in the world. They see Venice, Moscow, New York, Oldenburg, Paris and Rio de Janeiro. But there is a little difference, they recognize. It is much cleaner and more quiet than in all the "real" cities.

    Zeus is already awaiting them. He looks more impressive than in the financial office. He is dressed in white ancient clothes. Jupy is running to him. He is barking happily.

    "Hello, old friend." Zeus is petting the dog. Jupy is over-excited.

    "He seems to know you", states Silvia.

    "Yes", Zeus is smiling. "Jupy is my dog. I left him with you when you were very little. He has always protected you."

    “Now the menace is over. We have stopped Poseidon and the titans”, says Silvia.

    “Thank you for your help, I hate say it but we couldn’t do it without you”, expresses Zeus. "Everything started with that damned necklace. When Clytus found it per chance and gave it to Ennéa, he didn’t know about its power. It’s very old magic, far older than the Olympian gods. Gaea and Ouranos rivalled for this power. Poseidon used their rivalry for his own purposes. When Ouranos sensed traces of this magic in your region, Duff, and influenced your father, Gaea sent her secretary in human shape to your father to counterbalance Ouranos’ influence. But Charlotte is on her way to Gaea with the necklace now and Gaea will destroy it. Now it's time to settle all fights and disputes." He is sending a strict gaze to Artemis and Aphrodite who, too, have come to Mount Olympus. "All disputes!" His daughters give him a sullen look but exchange a short reluctant handshake. Then Aphrodite embraces Duff. Her daughter returns the embrace. Then she turns to Zeus.

    “Can you resuscitate my father?” exclaims Duff nervously.

    “My dear Duff, I’m very sorry but we can’t because your father is human. Only people who are descendants from an immortal god can be saved, but just once.” Duff starts to cry and Silvia embraces her. The menace is gone away, but Duff’s father, too.

    The world is safe only for the moment.