The Pegasus (written by Erica)

  • What is the name of your creature?

    The magic creature is Pegasus.


    How does it look like?

    In Greek mythology Pegasus is a winged horse. He was the son of Poseidon and Medusa. He is also the immortal lord of all horses. What not many persons know is that Pegasus has a twin brother: Chrysaor. When Perseus beheaded Medusa, Chrysaor was born out of the wound, together with Pegasus and the Chimaira. Chrysaor means "golden man", but he isn't mentioned anywhere else, only in this story.


    To which hero is it connected?

    When we talk about Pegasus we can connect him to two very famous heroes: Perseus and Bellerophon. To Perseus, because this hero delivered Pegasus from the head of Pegasus' mother Medusa. And to Bellerophon because Pegasus helped him in the fight with the Chimaira and the Amazons.

    In the story about the hero Bellerophon Pegasus appears as his best friend and constant escort:

    A seer named Polyidos told Bellerophon that he needs Pegasus in order to defeat the Chimaira and that he only would get the winged horse if he slept one night in the temple of the goddess Athene. Bellerophon did what the seer said and slept in the temple. In this night he had a dream: The goddess Athene came to him in a dream and laid a golden bridle down at his side and said: "Take that bridle and show it to your father Poseidon, the horse tamer, while you sacrifice him a white bull."

    Bellerophon did so and after that his father appeared to him and revealed him that Pegasus always drank from the water of the inexhaustible spring of Peirene near the city of Korinth. The hero went to this spring. And when Pegasus appeared and started to drink, Bellerophon surprised him and tamed him. From this moment on, Pegasus was the best friend of Bellerophon.


                                    (written by Erica, class 8e)