Magic creatures

  • The world of mythology is full of strange creatures: serpents like the Hydra, Centaurs, the Sphinx, ...

    It would be great to have some of them in our story.

    So, let's try to find out more about these creatures!

    Please, tell us:

    • What is the name of your creature?
    • How does it look like?
    • To which hero is it connected?
    • In which story does it appear?

    Here is the place for your presentations:

    •   the Sphinx (written by Erica)
    •   the Harpy (written by Emely)
    •   the Gorgo (Medusa) (written by Jana)
    •   the Pegasus (written by Erica)
    •   the Chimaira (written by Sophie)
    •   the Centaur (written by Mascha)
    •   the Hydra (written by Pascal)
    • ...
    • ...