Our story: third task (inventing the "mystery in the past")

  • Dear students,

    when talking about the "missing link" of our stories, you already had a lot of great ideas:


    The fallen Dryad

    (creating the background of our story)


    The ideas of the students from Wilhelmshaven:


    Once, in ancient times, there was a dryad from Portogruaro.

    Her tree was there, where the factory building now is situated.

    As both of our regions are near the sea, the idea is, that the tree (and in that way the dryad) was used to build a ship.

    This ship came to the region of Wilhelmshaven (maybe ship wrecked, maybe for other reasons).

    The dryad fell in love with some person / nature god here in this area (maybe chased by Pan?).

    That made Diana refuse to take the dryad back to Italy;

    she has to stay with the barbarians forever.

    Diana turned the "fallen dryad" into a more ugly and nastier magic creature, a harpy.

    She is condemned to remain in the coat of armours at the town hall of our Wilhelmshaven's neighbour town, Aurich.

    She can leave the coat of arms only for one hour per week/month/year.

    But now there is a case of great emergency and now she somehow has to come back to Italy.

    And that's where our two heroines from Portogruaro and Wilhelmshaven are needed...


    The ideas of the students from Portogruaro:


    We thought that the emergency that will force the dryad (and Duff, we suppose) to come to Italy could be something like that:

    The ancient and holy wood where the dryad once lived is now in danger and will soon completely disappear because Poseidon want to destroy it.

    We thought Poseidon could be an important ships’ constructor who wants to demolish the abandoned factory in order to replace it with a big new shipyard, so that all the magic and holy part of the ancient wood still living under the abandoned factory will be destroyed.

    The two heroines will fight against the Poseidon’s plan to save the site of the ancient wood. If they won’t succeed, both the dryad and our Italian heroine will die.

    As you will see, she’s connected with forests and natures and particularly with this wood, more than she could think.