Chapter XIII: The destruction of Portogruaro

  • written by Mascha - Dominik - Alessia - Gregory


    “Oh my god!”, Duff cries. “Look at those creatures!”


    Duff and Silvia have arrived in Portogruaro. They try to act as normal as possible; therefore they have gone to Silvia’s school and  introduced Duff as Silvia’s exchange sister. They are sitting together in the school yard now and enjoy a coffee from the automaton, together with Silvia’s classmates Gregory, Dominik and Alessia.”Wow, I also want such an automaton in my school”, Duff says. “I wish…”


    And then the sky becomes dark. A big shadow covers everything. And  it gets even worse. When they open the school's entrance door and peer through it, they see many strange creatures:They’re bigger than the buildings. “The Titans”, Silvia murmurs. “Come, Duff, let’s try to get out of the school building. And you others, hide somewhere. Try not to be seen with us.” She looks extremely worried. “I didn’t know that they were already in Portogruaro. They are Poseidon’s creatures. They haven’t respect of anything, of people and gods.” In fact Duff can see that they are rude, ugly and - mighty. They look like the humans but much bigger and uglier. And it seems that they already have destroyed all what they have seen.

    When the two girls arrive in the city most of the monuments are already destroyed. First of all the Titans destroyed at the same time the four entrances of the city that lead at the city centre.

    After that they started to destroy everything that was in front of them, apart for the school because some teachers, who are magical creatures, like the history teacher, have managed to prevent the destruction and to save the students.

    Now the Titans arrive in front of the Town hall. They smash it with an only punch. It breaks into thousands parts. A titan removes the inclined bell tower and he launches it faraway from the buildings.


    “No reason to stay here”, Silvia whispers. “We are needed in the old factory. It seems that the battle has begun.”