• Each national team wrote three or more chapters until now. We read the chapters of our partners carefully and tried to add some ideas of our partners' chapter into our own parts. And now it's time to bring our two heroines together. But how?


    => The students from Portogruaro created a page with suggestions how the story could develop.

    The students from Wilhelmshaven added their ideas on this page, too.

    In that way we got our



    1. Poseidon wants to take his necklace back because it gives him the power to call back the Titans and, with their help, try to prevail over Zeus. Poseidon knows who has the necklace but doesn't know where is the dryad after centuries. He will take his revenge by destroying the sacred wood, so that the dryad will die and the necklace will come back to him.
    2. The two heroines - Silvia and Duff - must meet each other to stop the Artemis' curse and set the dryad free. To do that, the two girls have to find all the small pieces of wood from the dryad's tree. They have to find the Pan flute as well.

    ​The girls don't know where they could find the pieces of wood. Later, it will be Duff's twin brother who solves a riddle and will join the girls in Portogruaro (and this is, of course, because he has a crush on Silvia...).

    3. Silvia and Duff have to take Ennéa and the Pan flute to Portogruaro to save the sacred wood.

    ​Now Duff learns to know more about the things Pan told her in the park: Silvia is the real owner of the Pan flute - or at least in a close connection with him. While Duff just managed to play a scale, but no tune, Silvia can do so. During her tune she has a vision again: She sees Apollo, her relative, and knows that he needs the pan flute urgently; if not, Pan's prophecy given in the park will become real and the sacred wood won't come to live again after the battle.

    4. While they're travelling to Italy, Poseidon finds them (with Ades' help) and steals the necklace.

        There are thirteen pearls in the necklace, 12 pearls and another big pearl with a trident onto it in the middle. Each day Poseidon "activates" two pearls and this "activation" means, that two of the Titans come back and join Poseidon in his move against Portogruaro. On the other side, in the sacred wood, we have the twelve dryads - or rather eleven, because "Ennéa" is still in Aurich, near Wilhelmshaven. That's why she absolutely is needed, because the defence won't work when one of the "Trojan dryads" is missing.

    5. Poseidon calls back the Titans from their exile and they move together against Portogruaro and the sacred wood.

    Duff's mother, Aphrodite, knew Poseidon's plans and that's why she went away from Duff and her family; she tried to fetch the necklace first, but couldn't manage because "law and love" (Artemis and Aphrodite) are still not on speaking terms again and estranged because of that incident with Ennéa and Leopold.

    6. Silvia and Duff ask for help and Zeus allows them to reach Portogruaro in the  fastest way (we thought about Zeus' eagle, or an airplane resembling an eagle).

    ​Zeus himself changes into an eagle. But as he has been a municipality worker for such a long time now, just sitting in his office, he is no longer experienced. His first attempts become : a pinguin, a kiwi, a hen... Finally he manages to change but his flight is like that of the albatros in the Disney movie "Bernhard and Bianca".

    ​Hades, who always is bullying his "little" brother, is watching his brother's attempts and is laughing, sharing some pictures about Zeus' changed forms with Poseidon via facebook and what's app.

    7. When the two girls arrive in Portogruaro, the town is in part yet destroyed by the Titans, like the sacred wood.

    Duff's twin brother Carl (he has the brain, while Duff has the good lookings...) solves a riddle, which shows that some wood from Ennéas tree is in the main church of Wilhelmshaven, the "Christus- and Garnisonkirche"; there is an exhibition about a naval battle (in German it is called "Skagerak battle") and one of the objects shown there - a ship - is made from the planks of the ship in which Ennéa had "arrived" in her shipwreck some centuries ago. Carl and Ennéa come to Portogruaro (in which way, we have to decide together´).

    8. A final battle will take place: Poseidon, Ades and the Titans vs.  Zeus, Apollo and Artemis who'll give their help to the girls.

    Finally also Aphrodite joins the battle. She and Artemis become friends again. From that moment on, the Pan flute has healing powers again.

    9. The good will prevail! At the end, Apollo will play the Pan flute and the wood will start growing again.