Chapter IX: The metamorphosis of Zeus

  • (written by Jana, Emely, Erica and Mascha, class 8e)


    "Please! We need your help!"

    "You don't understand! I cannot!"

    "You have to! Without your help we cannot be there in time!"

    "I'm not as strong as my name promise; sorry. I'm not the guy who the world is talking about. That was my past, catched in books and legends."

    "Maybe you can try it. I mean, what bad can happen?"


    Zeus looks at Duff and Silvia who have come to his office. He takes all his bravery and turns into a...

    "Really, a chicken! In that way we will never come forward."

    Next try. This time it has to work...

    "Zeus, a kiwi cannot fly! Try harder!"


    After this he turns into many other useless birds and Duff and Silvia laugh and dispair at the same time. Penguin, hummingbird...They start to think that Zeus really isn't the one he used to be. Goose... All these shapes aren't helpful.


    What nobody of them knows is that Hades observes the hopeless tries of his brother from outside office window. He is secretely connecting his mobile phone with Duff's and installs a tracking system on Duff's mobile phone.

    "If I were you, little brother, I would give up my hope and would continue working as a boring worker in the tax office", Hades thinks amused.

    At the same moment Silvia notices Hades at the window. "Hey guys! There is a strange older man peering through the window. I have noticed him before. He stalks us all the time."

    "What? Where?" Duff asks. All of them turn around.

    Hades tries to sneak away. When he tries to put the phone back into his pocket a little box fells out. It opens and a little yellow butterfly flies  out.


    "I'm a total loser. As my brothers always told me."


    The little butterfly circles in front of the office window.


    Duff has been in despair when she followed Zeus' desperate struggles and heard his sad voice. But suddenly hope comes back to her.


    "Zeus, we know that you haven't done this for a long time. But you mustn't give up. Try as hard as you can. Because when you despair, there will be no more hope. Everything will be lost."

    He hesitates for a few moments. He realizes that it is the only chance. He collects the rest of his power, the rest of his hope and in the next second... he transforms into a real eagle. A very big, a gigantic, a colossal eagle. Silvia and Duff notice that his left wing was crippled and that his beak was more the beak of a duck. And the tail...

    Never mind. It has to work.

    Silvia and Duff climb onto the back of the eagle and Zeus flies away.


         (the teacher asks the authors: does he really fly thorugh the closed window? With two girls on his back?)