Chapter VII: The flute and the vision

  • (written by Alessia, Mascha and Dominik)


    After her father's death Silvia has become very isolated and Duff is the first friend she has found after a long time of loneliness. So the girls are reconciled very soon. They are sitting in the town park. Duff shows the pan flute to Silvia. She tries to play it, but she can’t.

    “This stupid flute, it doesn’t works! What is this? I can’t play a tune just a scale!” says Duff with an angry voice. Now Silvia wants to try it. Silvia takes the flute from Duff.

    She tries to play something and it works.

    She really can play a tune, not just a scale.

    She plays a beautiful melody. Silvia says: “I don’t know why I can play something like this.

    I have never heard that kind of melody, but it’s like I ever knows it.”

    In this moment she feels sick.

    She remembers something that she has never seen. In this moment she notices, she has a vision.

    Every time when Silvia notices that she will have a vision she gets very bad headache.

    Silvia sees that an older man is talking to her.

    She doesn’t know this man.

    Silvia feels like this man is a part of her family, when she sees him.

    The man starts to speak: “My dear Silvia, I know that you can’t explain yourself, what is going on here.”

    Now he tries to explain her all the things she doesn’t know and understand. Why she knows the melody, why Silvia can play the flute, why it feels as if the man is in her family.

    “Silvia, I’m Apollo, your grandfather. The reason why you can play the flute is because I’m the god of music. Now you can see me, after all this time. I played this melody when you were little, every time when you were sad. It’s an ancient melody that I played for the secret wood too.” And with this sentence the vision ends.

    When Silvia sees the reality she sees how Duff looks at her.

    “What has happened with you?” ask Duff.

    “I had a vision of my grandfather Apollo. He explained to me why I can play the flute. It’s because he’s the god of music and I’m his relative. And just the relatives can play it.”

    “How does Apollo look like?”

    But Silvia doesn’t hear anymore because she has another vision.

    Silvia sees how Poseidon destroys the forest. He burns it down. In this moment Silvia hears a voice, but not the person who is speaking. The voice says: “You have to bring the flute to Portogruaro to save the wood. If the flute doesn’t come there, the forest and you will die. As you can see.” And so ends the second vision.

    She understands that they absolutely have to come to the city. “Duff, your mother is right. We must go to Portogruaro. I don’t care how, but we must.”