Chapter XV The battle begins

  • (Giorgia and Erica, Leonardo and Matteo)

    Poseidon is really angry while they are marching towards the old factory. The Titans enter the building and march through the sacred wood. They find the clearing where Silvia and Duff are together with an army of nymphs, dryads and magic creatures, ready to fight. Silvia is fighting with a bow and commands the archers and Duff fights with a sword with an engraved dove on the grip and commands those who are fighting with different weapons. Among them you can see Pegasus, the winged horse, and the winged lions which have come from Venice and all over the Veneto to join Artemis' forces. There are some centaurs and centauresses, too, although most of them have joined Poseidon's army.

    On the other side, Poseidon is fighting with his trident and directly at his side there is the Drakòs, a beast with the body of a crocodile, the three heads of an infernal dog and the wings and claws of a dragon. between a crocodile, a dragon and an infernal dog. It is one of the most frightening creatures you can imagine. The Drakòs can fly, spit fire and is incredibly strong.He is considered the faithful follower of Hades. He obeys at all orders of his masters. Even more frightening is the Yanio next to him, another kind of chimaera, with the body of a hyena, four wings of a bat, head and claws of a vulture. His special power are ultrasounds. He uses them for stunning his enemies. He can fly and has in incredible speed of movement. Centaurs and dragons follow, and of course, there are the guards of Poseidon, the Telchines. But the worst persons in Poseidon's army are Hades, gaunt, grim and determined, and the titans and of course Poseidon himself.

    When the armies of Poseidon and of Silvia and Duff stand in front of each other, there is a strange silence. Nobody moves. Poseidon stares threateningly at Silvia, while Hades sends a small mocking smile at Duff. 

    The magic creatures of both armies start the fight. The dragons set fires to the wood and the trees begin to burn. The Drakòs and the Yanio attack the winged lions and harass them hard. The Telchines battle with the centaurs who have joined the army of Artemis.

    Artemis herself is posted at the entrance of the old factory. She despairingly keeps an eye out for the missing dryad. Without her, the ninth of the chosen Twelve from Trojan seed, the battle will be lost very soon.

    The other eleven dryads launch a battle with the twelve Titans. Other nymphs, dryads and hamadryads join them, but can't compensate for Ennéa.

    Then two things happen at nearly the same time: Two figures come running from the station, directly through the ruins of "quarta porta", the town gate which the Titans have destroyed, and take a small path that leads to a side entrance of the old factory. Artemis' heart beats faster. Can it be...?

    Artemis is right. One of the figures is Ennéa. She sends an uneasy smile to Artemis. Artemis nods back coldly.Ennéa's love to Leonard isn't forgiven yet. But there is no time for any personal quarrel now. Ennéa must join the line of her eleven companions as soon as possible.

    The other figure is Carl. He feels very uneasy, when he follows Ennéa into the factory.

    The other thing is that a car with a German number plate with the letters WHV comes down the Via F. Bonó very fast, turns into the roundabout and stops there. Two persons get out of the car, a tall bold man and a woman dressed in dark blue trouser suits like a business woman.The woman shows into Artemis' direction. Both get nearer. Artemis nods. "The secretary of Gaea is always welcome here", she says. "And so is the father of Audrey who is fighting on our side very bravely. But just her father."