Chapter two (Wilhelmshaven): Duff and the Pan flute

  • (written by Erica and Mascha, class 8e)


    I have a closer look at the Pan flute. I never have touched such an instrument before. I blow into it and I really manage to play a kind of scale. The last tone has hardly faded, before a strange glitter appears which becomes more and more solid and finally turns into a bloke with horns and the legs and hindquarters of a goat. He looks suspicious to me, especially as he bleats: "Hey, ciao bella, how are you, mon amie? Wanna have fun with a hot goat...god...?" OMG, he is so drunk! "Just some fun, come on..." He slurs and I shrink back from his stench of goat and alcohol. "Go away!" I say, "Go away!"


    "Ok, ok", he takes a seat two metres away. He seems offended. "But I need my flute back. Otherwise nature will wither and the sacred grove will die. No tree, no plant, not even a mushroom. Go, search for her, for the nymph who is the cause of this terrible situation! She is imprisoned. I can't tell you where. I'm not allowed to." He seems quite sober now and very nervous. "You won't be able to fulfill this task at your own. You need another..." His voice fades. "I have to leave..." The strange glitter appears again. "You have to fulfill your task as quickly as possible. Pay attention on the moon. Remember: You can't do it alooo..." He is vanished as suddenly as he has appeared, leaving nothing behind but a smell of alcohol.


    Great! He could have given me some more information! Why should I pay attention on the moon?


    I need to clear my head. I take my bike and go to the municipal park. There I spend my time, hours and hours, watching children on the play ground, watching mothers playing with their kids, faces full of love and hope. I watch a little yellow butterfly fluttering around and a little child who is happily running after the butterfly. And I remember the moments when I was here with my mom as a little child. I remember the moments full of hapiness and hope. But not long...


    "If I were you, I wouldn't waste my time observing the happiness of other people." Mr H.Ades is sitting next to me. "I would pay attention to my own problems. Because your problems are dreadful and they are getting worse and worse." His voice is malicious as ever. While he is talking, I see a little tin box flashing in his hand. Without another word he opens the box and the yellow butterfly which was sitting on a flower just a moment ago, disappears in it. I notice a little detail on the box, a little wind rose in a circle. Then the box and Mr H.Ades are gone. I begin to hate this vanishing into thin air!


    The families start to go home now, but I stay in the park, thinking about the strange changes in my life. I hardly notice that it has become dark. Suddenly I see the moon! It is a crescent moon. It reminds me of the grin of the Cheshire cat in "Alice in Wonderland" and of the words of that goat guy! Maybe it is an illusion, but the moon seems to be lighter than usual. But ok, I must have hallucinations; how else can I explain all these strange things which happened to me today. And now I see a beautiful woman standing next to the moon, as small and light as the moon itself. I rub my eyes, but the woman waves to me. She gives me a sign to follow her. Then she disappears.