Chapter IV (Portogruaro), "Poseidon's menace"



    As soon as I got to the top of the stairs I saw some construction workers who were inspecting the factory. They looked at each other and then said:” All clear sir, you can come in now.” As soon as they’d given the all-clear I could see some sort of mist start to gather around their feet. I got scared and hid behind some old machinery. Then my attention shifted to the main entrance, there a tall robust man came in. He was dressed in suit and tie, which was a little exaggerated. He too started to have mist gather around his feet and all of a sudden the man and the construction workers transformed. I could see that their head wasn’t human anymore, it was scaly and slimy and  it didn’t have the shape of a human’s head. I got really scared when they started to get taller and taller, then what looked like gills began to grow on their “neck”. I was so tempted to leave but I knew that I had to stay there. I looked back up to their “faces” and saw something horrifying: I saw eyes that were darker than anything I’d ever seen before. Then, on their arms, spines started to grow, they were full of them from head to toe. I went really silent and my heartbeat started to slow down. I thought

    that they would’ve killed me if they’d found me. Then an eery feeling made me look towards their waist, I felt somewhat relieved to find out that from the waist down they were human. Their human body looked robust and it was full of muscles, like a bodybuilder.

    And the man, the man had a more voluptuous transformation - it was bigger, brighter and better - into the god of the sea Poseidon.

    I couldn’t believe that Poseidon was in front of me!!!  The god of the sea was in ancient times strong, mighty and muscular but since he started to live in our world he looked like an ordinary mortal. His physical appearance had considerably changed; no traits were referable to what he used to be, except his thick, white beard which was also long and ruffled and covered his fleshy lips. His eyes were deep-sea blue and his long, wavy hair fell onto his shoulders. His build was robust but not as muscular as it used to be; his round paunch most of the times hidden by a shirt and tie, looked as if it was sustained by the belt of his wide trousers which covered his legs.


    And he spoke: “Finally, I will be capable of destroying this god forsaken forest. Oh it’s been a plan of mine for so long, too long”.He was meditating with his fist leant on his mouth hiding a grimace which harboured thoughts of revenge; the god of the sea was meditating and conniving a stratagem.

    He had already started to rub his hands as he was looking foreward to starting work and, entering the factory, he began to outline some ideas:” There I could place the bigger ships, while down there the smaller ones. Everything will be just perfect and my shipyard will soon be completed”.

    He burst into a wicked laughter and left waiting for the day of his rise.

    The telchines responded: What should we do sir?”. “Nothing for now, just keep a low profile and keep inspecting the factory.

    When we know the location of the wood I will personally destroy it with such unimaginable pleasure”

    “Yes sir!”

    As soon as they stopped speaking I was in shock. From all that I’d read about Poseidon I thought he was a nice dude but as it turns out now he wants to destroy my grandma’s home. How could a god be so mean, how could he destroy all this?

    Poseidon is immersed in a cloud of thoughts that surround his mind.

    He whispers in a tone that I can barely hear “ If I destroy this wood she will die and I will finally have the necklace”

    All of this confuses me: “ wood, necklace, she” I can’t make sense of it all.

    He continues to whisper: “ I will bring back the titans, overthrow my brother and finally have the revenge I seek”

    Poseidon’s eyes are filled with anger and his whole face is tensed up. Shivers go down my spine and I get goose bumps on my arms. I also want to leave bit for some reason I can’t, something won’t allow me to. Maybe Poseidon’s presence attracts me.

    His knuckles are all white because of the fists he’s making and he keeps whispering “ she will pay! If it wouldn’t have been for her I would’ve overthrown my brother a long time ago!” Rights then he launches a steel beam across the factory and breaks off some of the wall.

    The telchines look at him, I can feel that even they are scared. The god continues to throw anything he can around as he looks for the wood.

    “That old thief Clytus stole an important object from me, a white pearl necklace brought to me from Gea. It shines bright as the Sun in and outside the water and it’s as smooth as silk despite it being made from pearl. This beauty also has a dark side, I will finally get what I’ve wanted for centuries.

    I’m worried because whoever has it is practically invincible, and I’m sure that this person is still alive because of the protective power it has. I must find her so that I can kill her and get the necklace.I still need it for my master plan: I will summon the Titans and finally I’ll be able to control Mount Olympus.

    So I really need to have the necklace. I will destroy the home of she who possesses it and hopefully this will make the thief return the necklace.”

    I try to be as quiet as possible. I’m so scared, I can see his glowing red eyes, his tense muscles and his menacing expression. I’ve never seen a person so angry in my entire life.