New tales of ancient gods and heroes

Greek mythology has always been an inspiration for painters, poets and other artists. Our students, too, will discover interesting topics and archetypes and will work on them during their Latin lessons in a creative and collaborative way.

Project Journal

  • Dear friends,
    Summer holidays are here and it's time to say goodbay!
    Thank you for all the ideas and the great time we spent together.
    We hope to see you again, maybe in Wilhelmshaven!
    Have a nice Summer!

    The international team

    - Posted by Lucia Passador, 22.06.2017

  • June: The students of the partner schools meet each others in Portogruaro for a Writing Conference to complete their cooperative work.
    - Posted by Lucia Passador, 07.06.2017

  • April: The first chapters are written! And the students of both partner schools joined their ideas to work out a "background story" together: a mystery in the past which will be the reason why the heroines from both home towns will meet and fight together in times of evil and danger. - The stories of our Italian and our German heroine begin to interlace...
    - Posted by Anke Wischer, 14.04.2017

  • March: Students write the first chapters of our story, which take place in both of our home towns. But each group received three pictures which their partners took in their own town. The objects and places of these pictures shall also appear in the text. - Let's see how we can manage this challenge!
    - Posted by Anke Wischer, 30.03.2017

  • February: Research about ancient gods (presented by the students from Portogruaro) and magic creatures from ancient mythology (presented by the students from Wilhelmshaven). - On this base, students decide who are their favourite gods. Those will appear in our collaborative writing.
    - Posted by Anke Wischer, 30.03.2017