New tales of ancient gods and heroes

Greek mythology has always been an inspiration for painters, poets and other artists. Our students, too, will discover interesting topics and archetypes and will work on them during their Latin lessons in a creative and collaborative way.

Our story: second task (connecting our chapters)

Dear students,

the beginning has been done: You have created your main character and you have written your first chapters.



Before we go on, we have to consider that the stories of your two heroines from Italy and Germany will become ONE story.

Therefore, please, read chapter one of your partners and comment on the story:

              What did you like?

              What else would you like to know about the main character?

              Do you already have an idea how the biographies and tasks of both main characters match to each other?

You can put your ideas in a mindmap.


Author: Anke Wischer
Last editor: Anke Wischer