pictures from Wilhelmshaven (for chapter 1 of the Portogruaro students)

  • Dear friends from Portogruaro,

    thank you for your pictures which are really challenging!

                   And here are our pictures:

    the place

    in fact two places; you can choose which one you like better or use both of them; both are parts of our school: In former times, our school was a barrack for soldiers, build at the same time as our city (that was only in the 19th century, founded by emperor Wilhelm I from Prussia, because the Prussians wanted to have a harbour). The arch (door) is from the original building and leads from the modern part of the school to the old one. The other picture is from the staff room. We think the shelf of the "safe deposit boxes" could be part of the story - plus: it is be a nice thought that, maybe, one of our teachers is a "god / hero in disguise"...


    the god / hero:

    At one of the oldest houses in town (which is only from the 19th century, although there must have been some cottages of fishermen before), there is a Herakles, bearing the sky - a burden which Atlas gave to him:

    the object:

    the fruit of an oak tree -because the oak is a tree sacred to Zeus; the rustling of the oak's leaves was thoughted to be an oracle, a pronouncement of things that would happen in future. The fruit of the oak tree also appears in the coat of arms of some towns in our neighbourhood, for example Aurich:



    So, good luck with your story!