• We have written a fantasy novel together:




    Here it is (pdf file and ebook):



    The Chapters are:

    I (Wilhelmshaven) "The old factory"

    I (Portogruaro) "The dream"

    II (Wilhelmshaven) "Duff and the Pan flute"

    II (Portogruaro) "Discoveries"

    III (Wilhelmshaven) "Aphrodite's daughter!"

    III (Portogruaro) "The sacred wood"

    IV (Wilhelmshaven) "Zeus"

           Intermezzo "Ennéas story"

    IV (Portogruaro) "Poseidon's menace"

          Intermezzo "Ennéa's story"

    V "Silvia meets Duff"

    VI "The flute and the vision"  (Duff and Silvia try to play the flute)

    VII "The power of the necklace" (first part of "The Titans")

    VIII "The metamorphosis of Zeus"

    IX "The Truth and the Lie" (first part of "the riddle")

    X "On the way to Italy"

    XI "Carl solves the riddle"

    XII "The destruction of Portogruaro"

    XIII "Carl and Ennéa"

    XIV "The battle begins"

    XV "The final battle"

    XVI "On mount Olympus" (= the happy ending)

            Epilogue  (Bonus chapter in the ebook !)