Chapter VIII: The power of the necklace

  • Alessio - Jana - Aurora - Gaia - Mrs Wischer

    The sign at the office door tells: "Mr H.Ades, life style manager and hotel director".

    It's a big room with wooden furniture and harbour view. In front of the big windows there is a gaunt figure, looking onto the scenery outside. 

    Hotel Atlantic has a pier for people who prefer to come by boat. A ship has arrived some minutes ago, a big white motor yacht with a painted blue trident at the front. Employees of the hotel rush over to help, but are chased away by the crew of the yacht, robust guys with enormous necks and muscles like body builders.

    "Well", hotel director H. Ades says to himself, "let's see what my brother wants."

    Some minutes later Poseidon is sitting next to him in one of the comfortable arm chairs.

    “I want to destroy the sacred wood of Portogruaro for making my dream true”.

    “Aha, and what kind of dream?

    “I want to built a big ship yard on the place where the sacred wood is."

    “Well, it is time to destroy that old wood because it is useless", H.Ades says. "Can you explain me more closely how you will do that?"

    “I need to come into possession of my necklace again with your help. You know the one I got from Gaea many centuries ago."

    "Ah, you need my help..."

    "This necklace allows me to get the 12 titans from the exile. There are 12 pearls and a bigger pearl in the middle. Every day I will use the power of the necklace to call back two titans who are very strong giants with the shape of a human. They are also immortal, invulnerable and they can resurrect. They will come from their exile. I will see that when one pearl on each side is activated…   the titans will destroy the wood and Portogruaro for ever!"

    "This is a very good plan, brother!" Hades' voice sounds a bit ironic.

    “I know… We will meet later…" Poseidon gets up from the arm chair.

    "Where are you going?"

    "I want to pay our niece a surprise visit and then I'm going to test whether your noble hotel offers a suitable meal for a successful ships' constructor like me."

    "You can spare yourself the trouble. Aphrodite isn't any longer in Wilhelmshaven. I don't know where she is. If you want to surprise a relative here in Wilhelmshaven, you have to visit our boring little brother Zeus behind his shabby desk at the tax office. But you can also stay in the hotel. I invite you to lunch. But call back your ship crew first. They are frightening my employees."

    "Impressive guys, hm? They are Telchines."

    "Oh", Hades says. "That's why I notice their fishy smell even here in the second floor."