Chapter XI: On the way to Italy

  •                    written by Alessandro, Jana, Aurora, Gaia


    “I'm cold!"

    "I’m tired!"

    "Maybe we could stop to sleep because it’s already night.".

    Zeus thinks that’s a good idea, he is tired, too. He can’t fly anymore. On the other hand he knows that they have to reach Portogruaro soon.But it is difficult to find the way. It's nearly new moon and the very small sickle of the moon which is their guiding light is mostly hidden behind thick clouds. But somehow Silvia always manages to detect it again.

    “Yes, please, let's find a place to sleep", Duff insits. "We have been flying for 15 hours now and we are only in Austria."

    "Sorry, I've a crippled wing."

    "If you were the Zeus of ancient times, we would already have arrived. I'm sure!"

    "Ok, let's call it a day!" So Zeus flies down to a valley and lands.The girls dismount and nearly twist their ancles.

    "What a flight."

    "I don't feel my legs anymore."

    "Stop complaining, girls. Let's find a hotel."

    Duff turns her mobile phone on and access at google maps. After a while they arrive at a small hotel, "Alpenglück".

    "Time to sleep! Let's go in!"

    "No, stop! Zeus, you have to retransform first!"

    "Oh, thanks. I almost forgot."


    Finally they are in bed.

    When Duff, Silvia and Zeus are sleeping, Poseidon arrives in the night because due to the installed tracking system Hades has told him  where Duff, Silvia and Zeus, the eagle with the crippled wing, are now. Poseidon looks through the window into the rooms where the girls are sleeping. "I have just waited for the right moment for revenge!" 

    He turns into smoke so he can come in through the key hole. In the room of Duff he turns back into Poseidon.

    “This is the necklace! On Duff’s neck!”

    He makes the necklace float with the power of his trident and quickly grabs it. “You are mine! After all these years.”

    When he wants to leave the room, the door makes a noise.

    “What was that?” Zeus whose room is next to Duff and Silvia's appears on the hotel corridor. He turns the light on and everybody sees Poseidon staying in the middle of the room with the necklace in his hand.

    “What are you doing??? Give the necklace back to me!!!" 

    "Hahahah… bye bye!!!”

    Zeus tries to grab Poseidon’s arm but in that moment he has already disappeared.