The Harpy (written by Emely)

  • What is the name of your creature?

    My creature is called "the Harpy". There are four creatures of that kind: Aello (the meaning of this Greek name is "storm wind"), Okypete ("swift wing"), Kelaino ("dark"), Podarge ("swift feet"). The sea god Thaumas, a Titan, was their father, the Oceanid (sea nymph) Elektra was their mother. The Harpies represent the destructive nature of the wind over the open sea.Their sister is Iris, the goddess of the rainbow and wife of Zephyros, the the westwind.

    How does it look like?

    A harpy is a mixture of animal and human being. She has the body of a bird (a raptor - which is also the meanig of the name "harpy"), with sharp claws. Her head, however, is that of a woman. They are fast as the wind and unvulnerable.

    To which hero is it connected?

    The harpy is connected to the story of Jason and the Argonauts.

    In the story of the Argonauts, there is a king named Phineus. He was a prophet. But Zeus became angry, when Phineus told other persons about their future. He made Phineus blind and put him on an island, where the harpies vexated him. They stole his food and befouled the remains of it. Finally Jason and the Argonauts arrived. Zetes and Kalais, two of the Argonauts - they were the sons of Boreas, the North wind - drove off the harpies and liberated Phineus.

    Sources : ; Sofia Souli, Griechische Mythologie, Athen 1995, p. (?)

                                                       (written by Emely, class 8e)


    Harpy in the coat of arms of Aurich, a town near our home town Wilhelmshaven: