The centaur (written by Mascha)

  • What is the name of your magic creature?


    What does it look like?

    Centaurs are half horse, half man (in most cases, centaurs are men; but also some centauresses are mentioned). They have arms, chest, stomach, head and face of a man and the lower body of a horse. This means that centaurs have the legs and the butt of a horse.

    In most cases, centaurs are bad and unpredictable. But not all centaurs are bad like Nessus who tried to rape Hercules' wife Deianira and later caused the death of Hercules (when he was mortally wounded by Hercules, Nessus lied to Deianira and told her that she should collect his blood and use it as a love ... whenever Hercules would stop to love her; but this was a lie and Hercules died when Deianira did as Nessus had told her).

    An example for one of the few very nice and helpful centaurs is Chiron.


    To which hero is it connected?

    The centaur Chiron is connected to more than one hero because he was the teacher of some promising young men as Achilles and Iason. He has healing powers and helps to protect the future heroes in their fights. But unfortunately this nice centaur was hit by a poisoned arrow which was sent by Hercules. But as he was a half god, he couldn't die as mortal men, but had to suffer eternally. But Chiron was freed from his torments by an agreement of Hercules, Zeus and Prometheus. In order to keep his memory, the gods sent Chiron to the sky, as a star image.

    And that's why the zodiac sign of the shooter shows a centaur: Chiron.


                                     (written by Mascha, class 8e)