Chapter XII : Carl solves the riddle

  • New day, new ideas. After breakfast Carl starts another time. He works very concentrated. But whenever he can couple two keywords, he can't bring the other words to the story.


    "Carl, hurry up!" Another message from Duff. "Things are getting really hard here!"


    Carl sighs. What might a ship have to do with a church? Or with truth and lie?

    And can a truth serve? Water, sea, ships, war. This sounds like a war, naval battle. But truth and lie?

    And why had he to solve the riddle? It matters to Duff, not him. But what if this was no conincidence? What if the riddle was meant precisely for him to solve? No, this can't be true. Or can it? His thoughts tumble around.


    Carl rises. He needs fresh air. He takes his bike. His way leads him back to the church. He sees a groups of tourists. The pastor show them around and explain the history of the church. When Carl greets him, he smiles and answers with a short nod. Then he carries on with his explanations.


    "The church was founded in 1869. When the church was founded, its patron saint was Saint Elisabeth. Only later, in 1959, the name was changed into Christus- und Garnisonkirche."


    What?!? The lie sails in the holy place where Elisabeth meets Christ and is replaced by him...This matches exactly with the words of the riddle. Besides the part about the ship. Carl's eyes wander to the small group in front of the church. He has the feelig that the pastor is still smiling at him. But it must have been a mistake. Because the pastor is still speaking to his guest. "And now I recommend to go inside. In our church we have a small exhibition about the battle of Jutland 1916, a naval battle between England and Germany."


    This can't be conincidence, can it? Carl is thunderstruck. Another part fits. But how can he connect this with thruth and lie? Maybe a kind of fake is meant? Is it inside the church?


    The tourists come out again. "Carl", the pastor called him. "Perhaps you should also have a look onto the exhibition."

    Carls goes inside, like in trance. His eyes are directed to a small object. It seems to attract him.


    It was a model ship. Made of wood.